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Refresher Driving Course

Every driver would benefit from a refresher driving course, we all develop our own driving style and bad habits over time. You might be driving a completely different vehicle to the one in which you took your test, you may be driving a car twice the size of your first car, and may be one that’s more modern.

Who is the course designed for?

Every driver, with this course we look after the anxious or nervous, people who have not driven for a long time or international drivers who need to become accustomed to driving on the left, anyone in fact. All refresher driving courses are designed on an individual basis after assessment by a professional driver trainer at P.A.S driving.

Benefits of a refresher driving course

It will help you become a better, safer and more confident driver, Re-learning safe driving principles reduces the risk to yourself and your passengers- and automatically to other road users. It’s a quick, easy and useful way to update your driving skills and get impartial advice from a professional driver trainer.

tickIncreased confidence

tickIncrease Enjoyment

tickYou can get back to the days when you actually got a buzz from driving.


Duration: 2 hour or ½ Day / Full Day, depending on the drivers needs.

Trainer: DSA Fleet Registered Trainer & ADI.


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Thank you for your time and patience I would definitely recommend you to anyone.

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