Motorway Driving Training


Whether you have recently passed your driving test, have not driven for some time or are just plain nervous of motorways, taking one or more motorway lesson can be very beneficial.

There are numerous differences between motorways and other roads and you will gain knowledge and experience of the different rules, regulations and signage that applies.

You will cover:

tickEnhanced hazard perception and awareness skills.

tickPlanning your journey

tickJoining and leaving the motorway

tickSafe speeds and varying circumstances

tickTaking effective observation

tickSigns, signals and road markings


tickLane discipline


tickBreakdown procedures

tickUse of lights



tickDebris on the carriageway


Every driver would benefit from our motorway training courses, all motorway training courses are designed on a individual basis after a driver assessment by a professional driver trainer at P.A.S driving.

Training: 2 hour or ½ Day / Full Day, depending on the drivers needs.

Trainer: DSA Fleet Registered Trainer & ADI.


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2 years ago

P.A.S driving
Timeline photosThis Driver sat in the middle lane (and a brief moment in lane 3) for nearly 6km (measured by marker posts) despite encouragement by #MS24 @CheshireRCU to move across, causing traffic to have to go around to get by. The reason he moved into lane he said was because the car behind was intimidating him. He had no answer when asked why he didn't then move to lane one which was free throughout observing him and where he should be.Drivers should stick to the left at all times unless overtaking.TOR for inconsiderate driving(Traffic offence report) ... See MoreSee Less
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Thank you for your time and patience I would definitely recommend you to anyone.

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