Eco Driving

Eco driving is a rising trend across Europe as more and more motorist become aware that by changing the way they drive can reduce their fuel consumption by as much as 25%, it is also a reality that it is included in the learner driving test now.

This style of driving leads to a relaxed posture behind the steering wheel, leading to more comfort for both driver and passengers.

So naturally the earlier you start to learn eco-driving the more natural and logical it all seems.

Eco driving is not a completely different way of driving it’s the small changes that make a difference.

tickEnhanced hazard perception and awareness skills.

tickReducing emissions and noise output.

tickLess wear and tear on the car.

tickReducing servicing costs.

tickA smoother drive alleviates stress and helps traffic flow.

tickAnd much more.


Eco Driving for Qualified Drivers

We all like to think we are good drivers, but did you know that a few little improvements to the way you drive could reduce your annual fuel costs by as much as 10% and in some cases 25%?

It’s called eco-driving. The outcome of a DSA trial indicated that the Eco Driver used 1.5 litres less fuel than the Non-Eco Driver over a 100Km (approx.62 miles) journey – at 80p/litre (2004 prices) a saving of £1.20. This might not seem a lot, but for an average driver covering 12,000 miles/year it’s a saving of £232. For 36,000 miles it’s a saving of almost £700! Eco-driving could also save you even more in the future with savings though less wear and tear on your vehicle.

Adopting an eco-driving style is easy and once you’ve mastered it, not only will you start to make real savings, but you will also be doing your bit for the environment.

That is because eco-driving means driving your car more efficiently, doing this means your car will produce less carbon dioxide (CO2), the main gas contributing to climate change.

So not only will your emissions be reduced, your engine noise levels will be reduced (lower engine revs) making your local environment a much pleasanter place to be

All Eco driving courses are designed on a individual basis after assessment by a professional driver trainer at P.A.S driving.

Duration: 2 hour or ½ Day / Full Day, depending on the drivers needs.

Venue: Dependent upon needs-fuel saver training should be undertaken in familiar areas, while covering everyday situations.

Trainer: DSA Fleet Registered Trainer & ADI.


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