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Our training course have been developed by the TRI Coaching Partnership. The course is the most up-to-date and comprehensive instructor training programme you will find. It has been developed based on combined experiences of educational practices that span over 50 years and the content has been cross-referenced to the DVSA National Standards. Our course is skills focused rather than test focused, giving you the opportunity to develop into the Driving Instructor you want to be.


Throughout the course you will understand which standards are being addressed and what you need to do in order to familiarise yourself with them. This will make it all easier for you when you come to take each of the three parts of the qualifying examinations to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). The Parts 1,2 and 3 theory, practical and instructional – have all been put together to assess on a snapshot basis, the skills you have acquired in each of theses areas. The knowledge, information and practical application skills you will be learning will be so much broader than needed for the exams that it will be reasonably straightforward for you to demonstrate you meet the required standard- providing you are prepared to put in the time and effort.

Your training course will be structured to suit your needs on a one to one basis and provide continued support throughout your learning and into your new career.


PAS Driving Instructor Training course will provide you with a course book which will help you track your progress throughout the course as well as a resource pack which will include the DVSA Driving syllabus and the DVSA Driver Training Standard, Practical Teaching Skills, The Driving Instructors handbook, Driving-The Essential skills, The Highway Code and Know your traffic signs. As well as reading these publications we will supply you with a code to access a range of online materials from the Driving Test Success. These will help you gain all the knowledge and information you need to become a successful driving instructor and therefore ensure your success at your part 1-100 multiple-choice questions and Hazard Perception Test. You will find these invaluable as you work your way through the course. Have a play with the car and diagram set also included in the resource pack to help you deliver effective explanations to your pupils. PAS Driving Training Instructor courses are very competitive, and we can structure the cost of your training over the duration of the course.


Remember, learning needs to be challenging and fun for it to be most effective.

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2 years ago

P.A.S driving
Timeline photosThis Driver sat in the middle lane (and a brief moment in lane 3) for nearly 6km (measured by marker posts) despite encouragement by #MS24 @CheshireRCU to move across, causing traffic to have to go around to get by. The reason he moved into lane he said was because the car behind was intimidating him. He had no answer when asked why he didn't then move to lane one which was free throughout observing him and where he should be.Drivers should stick to the left at all times unless overtaking.TOR for inconsiderate driving(Traffic offence report) ... See MoreSee Less
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